Sunday, February 20, 2005

No Senate for Sherrod

My sources are telling me that Sherrod Brown will not run for Senate.

While Sherrod loves his job in Washington, he'd rather not be forced to run a statewide campaign to return. The only way he'll run a statewide campaign is for the governor's mansion and that decision is still forthcoming.

Right now it looks like Ted Strickland is the front-runner to go against Mike DeWine. At least that's who the DSCC would like to see. There may also be a dark horse in the race as the name Bill O'Neill has been floated recently.

O'Neill ran for Ohio Supreme Court in 2004 and lost 60.50% to 39.50% despite raising only $80,000, primarily from individual donors under a self-imposed $10 contribution limit. O'Neill was one of Dean's Dozen and may have an advantage over Strickland in that he already has statewide name id, allowing him to concentrate his resources in other areas.

Stay tuned...


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