Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Senate & Sherrod Update

I just spoke with Joanna Kuebler at Sherrod Brown's office to confirm what I wrote here. The official word is this: Sherrod Brown is still undecided about his plans for 2006. According to Kuebler, "he's looking for the place where he can do the most good for the people of Ohio."

That would mean that all offices are still on the table: Governor, Senate, and House. While in it's strictest sense this means that he may consider Secretary of State or Mayor of Lorain, I doubt that's the case.

So the potential candidates for Senate stand at:
Sherrod Brown
Ted Strickland
Bill O'Neill
Jerry Springer

It's my opinion that the best overall candidate for the Senate is Sherrod (and he's still my personal pick). He presents a clear choice between DeWine and himself, he's very popular and sports a voting record that even those on the hard left can embrace with little grumbling. I haven't seen any recent polls, so I can't speak to any favorability stats.

Strickland appears to be the early DSCC favorite. I don't know why exactly, but my best guess is that he wins in Southern Ohio and the conventional wisdom says that should translate to votes in the rural areas of the state. I have no confirmation if that's the thinking or not, but if it is, I'm not sure it's wise. There's also the consideration of losing his House seat to the GOP.

Bill O'Neill is the darkhorse pick. He has statewide name recognition from his Ohio Supreme Court race. Statewide name ID is nothing to be squandered as it allows him to use his resources elsewhere in the early going. He's a bonafide progressive as one of Dean's Dozen in 2004 and ran a great race given his self-imposed $10 donation cap. My concern is that Ohio isn't ready for a dark horse progressive.

Jerry Springer should stay home. He's damaged goods. His TV show may be enough to sink him from the start. If not, the prostitute flap from long ago certainly is.

I haven't met Jerry Springer, but I have met the other potential candidates here and one thing is clear: Anyone of them would make a better Senator than Mike DeWine. Brown, Strickland and O'Neill are all great people that truly care about people. Those of us on the Left here in Ohio need to talk about this race to everyone. DeWine is not considered in danger of losing his seat, but we can change that.

Stay tuned.


At 11:25 PM, Blogger Frank said...

Martin Sheen's name is burning through GOP circles right now versus DeWine.

BTW, nice blog here - I'm going to add a link on mine...

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